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'Komposition 1' is a ceramic work made of 32 tiles by Phoebe Lesch.

Komposition 1

Size in cm : 156 x 106 x 2,5
: Clay body with black and white engobes
: 2016

This ceramic work is made up of 32 tiles (module size 26,5 x 19,5 cm). The clay body was covered with black and white engobes following the design of an ink drawing that I had realised beforehand. 
The drawing is set up with visual sampling”, an idea I came up with while working with a musician on La statua che respira. The samples are taken from my own artwork and other interesting visual elements I come across and become a series of symbols or letters of an imaginary alphabet, which I combine, stretch, zoom in and out, fragment, etc. and rearrange according to patterns that I develop. 

"Komposition 1" is in Rome at Latteria Trastevere, Vicolo della Scala.