En Soph En Soph
Shapes Shapes
Schatten Schatten
Das Museum, Acryl, Pastellkreiden und Ölstift auf MDF, Bild von der Seite, oberes Drittel.
Das Museum, Tinte auf Papier, 80 x 60 cm. Künstler: Phoebe Lesch.
Das Museum, Acryl, Pastellkreiden und Ölstift auf MDF, Detail
Das Museum, Gipsrelief, 60 x 40 cm. Künstler: Phoebe Lesch

Das Museum (The Museum)

Size in cm : 150 x 180 x 6
: Acrylic, pastel and oilstick on MDF
: 2014

The Museum has a huge mouth that looks like a swimming pool and sucks in works of art, inexorably. Once they're in, they're dead. Its classicistic and fascist attributes (entrance portal, caryatids, chimneys) indicate a German nightmare you definitely want to escape. In fact, my first draft (ink on paper, 80 x 60 cm) and the plaster relief based on it (same size) show a person trying to leave the pool. The whole structure has an uncertain perspective that seems to fall backwards toward a gloomy sun. 

I made the final version after a few years spent in Italy and the fleeing figure was gone. The Museum became an irregular tryptich with a ravening hole that attracts the eye and pulls you in if you don't watch out. Yes. That is Rome. But I had escaped the nightmare.