May 13, 2019

Mobile Cinema Reloaded

On display at MACRO_asilo, Rome, from 16 through 20 July 2019.

13 videos, chosen by Germany based artists Annegret Bleisteiner and Phoebe Lesch and dealing with the topic "inside/outside“, are shown in MACRO and displayed on a tablet that Bleisteiner carries around the Museum and the city of Rome. The Mobile Cinema Walk will be performed inside the MACRO Museum, but also outside in the city of Rome, thus reflecting the general theme "inside/outside" of the videos. The small screen acts like a (Smartphone-)prothesis and has the same format as the streaming platforms where artists upload their videos nowadays, but people can watch them on the artist's body. We want to trigger discussions about video, the digitalisation of artistic work, small screens in public space versus big ones in the Museum, the (political, social, architectural) context in which the films are shown, etc. The Mobile Cinema Walk is documented and then uploaded to the Museum's website: we create a visual circuit involving real and virtual worlds that may lead to new ways of perception of small size videos as well as of the videos shown on the big screen.

Participating artists – Videos:

SAGSI Group – Inside the Tiger
Christoph Nicolaus / Rasha Ragab– Nile Bride
Neil Goldberg – Surfacing
Annegret Bleisteiner – inside out _my hiding places part one
Wolfgang Diller – Beyond Gentrification The Next Level
Steffi Weisman – Car Event
Essi Utriainen – Smell that smell
Tamiko Thiel – Unexpected growth
Sarah Doerfel – Voglio e non / From A to B
Phoebe Lesch – Die Statue atmet / La statua che respira
Lisa Stertz – Love. Introduction
Eva Ruhland – Macro Weather Situation
Shinn Maeda – Das sanfte Licht